Service & Repair

Fireline offers complete system repair services for all types of fire protection systems. Our Service Department has over 60 technicians trained to service  fire alarm systems and sprinkler systems. In addition to fire alarm and sprinkler system repairs, our fire suppression system department is expertly qualified to repair and service all types of clean agent systems including FM200, Carbon Dioxide (CO²), Inergen, NOVEC 1230 as well as many other clean agents.

Our emergency repair technicians are available 24 hours a day and we maintain a large, modern fleet of vehicles to assure prompt and efficient service. Most repair parts are readily available on these vehicles. If not, our 9000 square foot warehouse stocks a wide variety of OEM parts. All fire extinguisher repair work and hydrostatic testing is done in our DOT certified maintenance shop by Fireline employees. We don’t subcontract any of these tasks. In fact, other fire protection companies use Fireline for fire extinguisher repairs and hydrostatic testing.

Our Service Department has the following capabilities:

  • Repairs, renovations and additions to all types of fire protection systems
  • 24 hour emergency service with a 2 hour response time in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area
  • Guaranteed same day service for systems emergencies
  • Guaranteed next day service for empty fire extinguishers with mobile recharge capability
  • Repair and recharge for large capacity wheeled fire extinguishers and fixed dry chemical systems
  • Emergency recharge services for restaurant hood extinguishing suppression systems

It is our core belief is that superior service, attention to detail and unmatched experience add value for customers for whom system readiness, reliability, and performance are of the utmost importance. Fireline’s experience as a provider of Quality Fire Protection Service & Solutions is one of the key benefits we provide to our customers.

Call Fireline Corporation today at 800-553-3405 for all your Fire Protection Service & Repair needs. Ask us about Fire Protection Design and Engineering Services as well.