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Air Sampling Systems: How Do They Work?

Air Sampling Systems: How Do They Work?

Air sampling systems are triggered by air, as the name suggests, which is much different from your usual systems.

Air sampling smoke detectors are a highly effective and helpful way to safeguard your business from fire hazards. The first step to understanding the pros and cons of these fire detector systems is to know how they are different from other detector systems. Air sampling systems are triggered by air, as the name suggests, which is much different from your usual systems that detect fire through heat or a smoke. Let’s take a look at some different air sampling systems, how they work, and why they are so beneficial!

The Basics of Air Sampling Smoke Detectors

The two names air sampling smoke detector and aspirated smoke detector both refer to the same form of detection. These fire systems rely on special pipes that are installed within a protected facility, through which air samples are continually taken and tested for any smoke particles.

The Three Main Types of Air Sampling Smoke Systems

There are three common types of air sampling smoke systems, it is wise to know a bit about each one before installation. They are:

Filtered Laser Systems

Systems with a filter that remove larger particles, such as dirt, from the air samples before sending it into the body of a device for smoke detection via lasers.

Particle Counting Laser Systems

Laser systems that count out particles determine the size and number of particles in the protected area’s air as it enters the system. The advantage is that this kind of system can distinguish between particle sizes, so bigger particles, like dust, are not counted in the smoke determination. This helps cut back on pesky false alarms.

Cloud Chamber Systems

Cloud chamber systems are an older form of air sampling technology. It needs more mechanical parts to function, meaning there is more maintenance required. They also have a better chance of failure. Cloud chamber systems will use water and humidity to expand air samples, so the system can identify smoke particles as they enlarge.

Advantages of Air Sampling Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors come in three different kinds based on the speed at which they can detect fires. These three-speed types are Early Warning Fire Detection, Very Early Warning Fire Detection, and Standard Fire Detection Systems. These systems allow for the largest amount of square footage fire protection, depending on the specific requirements of each building.

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