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All The Best Reasons to Install Air Sampling Systems

All The Best Reasons to Install an Air Sampling System

Air sampling systems are an excellent choice for early smoke and fire detection and are known to be much more reliable.

The cost of a fire can extend immensely beyond property damage. A typical warehouse fire can cause up to a hundred thousand dollars in property damage. Preventing fires and practice detection is critical. Air sampling systems are an excellent choice for early smoke and fire detection and are known to be much more reliable and efficient than standard smoke detector systems. Earlier warnings will help you minimize any risks of large scale fire damage, and reduce any downtime and false alarms. Here are some of the best reasons to consider an air sampling system as your next fire safety system for your building.

What Exactly Are Air Sampling Systems?

Air sampling fire detection systems alert building occupants to smoke or fire by detecting any changes in a room’s air quality to indicate premature signs of combustion before the presence of smoke. Early detection is essential for controlling fires. Ideally, you will want to get the situation under control before sprinklers, or any other fire suppression systems are activated to minimize damage.

How Do They Work?

Your standard smoke detectors might all work in different ways. They can either be photoelectric, ionization, or dual sensor. Photoelectric detectors work for slow-building fires, while ionization smoke detectors are designed to fight back against combustion fires, like a grease fire. Lastly, dual-sensor versions combine both systems to combat against either type of fire. Air sampling systems are photoelectric detectors that detect even small particles for faster detection. By monitoring the air at all times, they are much more efficient than standard detectors by a factor of about 1,000. Air sampling systems, also known as “aspiring smoke detectors,” use fans to draw in their air samples. Once connected to a central detection unit, they then filter airborne smoke particles by shining laser lights through them. If smoke is indicated, the light is scattered in the detection chamber, and the alarm will go off.

Applications for Air Sampling Systems

Highly sensitive air sampling smoke detectors are one of the best options for so-called “clean rooms,” where equipment is susceptible to smoke damage. Any standard smoke detectors might not recognize the smoke until it reaches the ceiling, which it might have already reached IT equipment. They also work very well for areas with high ceilings because aspirating smoke detection systems utilize fans to pull air into sampling pipes.

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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