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  • Restaurant System Services in Arlington, VA

    Restaurants are more likely to catch fire than most other businesses. Among the restaurant fires that do occur, over half of them happen in the restaurant’s kitchen, according to FEMA. There are very good reasons why restaurant owners and managers… Read More

  • Restaurant System Services in Alexandria, VA

    Restaurants need fire protection measures more than most other commercial establishments. Dealing with water, fire, and commercial machinery daily, commercial kitchen staff have many elements to manage. Fireline Corporation knows the risks of working in a commercial kitchen. Thankfully, we… Read More

  • Kitchen Suppression Services in Arlington, VA

    Arlington, VA, is one of the hotspots of Virginia for business, culture, and more, recognized as “the best place to live in America” by Niche. Arlington, just outside of Washington, D.C., is a place where people can be proud to… Read More

  • Kitchen Suppression Services in Alexandria, VA

    Commercial kitchens are loaded with heavy-duty cooking equipment that can reach high temperatures, the perfect recipe for a fire. Any commercial kitchen is more at risk of fire than many other commercial areas, whether it is in a restaurant or… Read More

  • Fireline’s Fire Extinguisher Services in Arlington, VA

    Fire extinguishers come in handy more than one might expect. They are necessary tools for commercial kitchens, offices, industrial plants, retail centers, hospitals, and practically all other commercial and industrial buildings. Fireline Corporation knows just how important it is to… Read More

  • Fireline’s Fire Alarm Services in Arlington, VA

    The fire alarm system is your building’s first notice of a fire, the first message you will get about a fire in your facility. A fire can start anywhere and be small and unnoticeable until it is too late; that… Read More

  • Fireline’s Sprinkler System Services in Arlington, VA

    Fireline Corporation has a long history of serving many businesses in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia with comprehensive fire protection services like fire alarm, fire extinguisher, and other services. Fireline was one of the first to distribute different innovative fire… Read More

  • Fire Sprinkler System Services in Alexandria, VA

    Fire sprinkler systems all need services of some kind, and at Fireline Corporation, we offer all of them. Fireline Corporation is a fire protection company that provides excellent fire sprinkler system services in Alexandria, VA, and if your business is… Read More

  • Fire Sprinkler System Services in Reisterstown, MD

    Fire sprinkler systems are the primary source of fire protection for many commercial buildings. Some buildings might need suppression systems, but many others need fire sprinkler systems to put out fires that a fire extinguisher cannot. If you need fire… Read More

  • Fire Sprinkler System Services in Randallstown, MD

    Fire sprinkler systems are one part of a commercial or industrial fire protection system, and depending on your building’s purpose, a fire sprinkler system will be necessary. The best outcome is for your building to never experience a fire, but… Read More