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The Danger of the Polar Vortex

Property insurance rates in the Baltimore and DC areas are going to be going up.  At least for many companies affected by the recent polar vortex.  The damage caused by the freezing temperatures is one that Fireline saw all too much last week.

Abnormally low temperatures caused many wet sprinkler systems to freeze.   As the ice expanded, the pipes began to crack.  And when the weather warmed up these pipes began to leak, and in many cases, burst open and flood.  As a result, many businesses with wet sprinkler systems saw excessive water damage to their buildings.

Typically, wet sprinkler systems are only found in protected areas where temperatures are not intended to go below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  Because Maryland rarely sees temperatures of -2 degrees, many buildings are not insulated as well as structures should be to prevent frozen pipes.  The end result is a great deal  of water damage.

During the days following the polar vortex, Fireline had over 20 technicians working around the clock to repair burst sprinkler pipes for customers.  Dispatchers where taking non-stop calls throughout the week working hard to help every customer.  In some cases, as soon as a section of pipe was repaired by the technician, another pipe burst somewhere else in the facility.  The polar vortex certainly caused far more damage than many realized.   Thanks to the hard work and tireless efforts of Fireline’s technicians, our customers were patched up and repaired the same day as their calls.

Fireline strongly urges business owners with wet sprinkler systems to check and ensure that the systems are properly insulated.  This is especially important for hallways, attics, and entryways.

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