Three Signs to Update Your Commercial Fire Protection System

August 26th, 2016
Fire protection system

Do you know when it is time to upgrade your fire protection system?

How long have you had your commercial fire protection systems? If you aren’t sure of the answer or if it has been a while since you had the system installed, it may be time for a new one. Like most systems in your commercial space, fire protection systems do not last forever. Even the best-maintained systems will need to be replaced eventually. So how do you know when your commercial fire protection system needs to be replaced? Read on to find out. Read the rest of this entry »

The Sprinkler System Inspection Checklist

August 19th, 2016
Sprinkler systems inspection

Monthly, quarterly, and yearly sprinkler system inspections are a major part of protecting your business from fire.

Automatic sprinkler systems are extremely important for protecting your business. When they are properly maintained, these systems reduce the risk of a person dying by 50 to 75 percent, according to the Congressional Office of Compliance. It is extremely important for business owners to maintain their sprinkler system in order to avoid malfunctions when they are needed. Your sprinkler system should be inspected at least once per year by a professional sprinkler system inspector. But many companies choose to inspect their fire protection equipment monthly and quarterly to avoid any malfunctions. In addition to regular inspections, your sprinkler system should be inspected whenever it is discharged or when a modification is made to the system or your building. But what is involved in the inspection? Let’s take a look at the sprinkler system inspection checklist. Read the rest of this entry »

Are Your Emergency Exit Lights Compliant?

August 12th, 2016
Emergency exit lights

Are your emergency exit lights compliant?

When a fire occurs, panic and confusion soon follows. During this time of panic, many people look for a familiar sign to light their way to safety: the emergency “Exit” lights. These lights have become synonymous with safety and have helped millions of people find their way out of dangerous situations. These emergency Exit lights are important to have displayed clearly around your commercial facility and are required by law. So when was the last time you had your emergency exit lights check? Let’s take a look at the law as well as how to ensure they are compliant with them. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Choose a Qualified Fire Protection Contractor

August 5th, 2016
fire protection contractor

Before choosing a fire protection contractor, make sure you are making a good decision.

From security systems to fire protection systems, companies spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars protecting their commercial spaces. But how do you find the most qualified contractor for the job? If not protected correctly, your commercial space could go up in flames in a matter of minutes. Let’s take a look at how you can find a qualified fire protection contractor for all of your business’s needs. Read the rest of this entry »

Pre-action Systems in Data Centers

August 1st, 2016

Data centers present a unique fire protection challenge. Their function is vitally critical to a healthy, efficient business.  Any down time can be a death blow to business continuity. For this reason, water in sprinkler piping is a worry that keeps mission critical mangers from sleeping at night. Finding an effective fire protection solution that minimizes the use of water as an extinguishing agent is often a paramount concern. This is why pre-action sprinkler systems are often used in data centers. But pre-action systems alone may not be the best option.Data Center

Read the rest of this entry »

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