Common Questions about Fire Suppression

October 1st, 2015

Fire-Suppression-QuestionsThere are always questions being asked surrounding fire suppression and different fire suppression systems. Some commercial spaces may not have the proper fire suppression system because they have questions and are unsure where to find their answers. To help our commercial customers, here are some commonly asked questions surrounding fire suppression and its systems.

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All About Special Hazard Fire Systems

September 23rd, 2015

Special-Hazards-Fire-SystemsAt Fireline, we offer a number of different special hazard fire and suppression systems to keep our commercial clients safe and protected. However, for some of our clients, a special hazard system can seem unnecessary. In order to determine a need for a system, there must first be an understanding of what is considered a special hazard.

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Fireline Client Faces Serious Fire

September 17th, 2015

One of our technicians surveying the damage from the fire.

Recently, one of Fireline’s clients experienced a serious fire on their property that resulted in serious damage and even some injuries. On Sunday, September 6th, Columbia fire officials were called to the 5800 block Wyndham Circle around 11:45 in the morning. According to reports, fire crews from the Banneker station arrived almost immediately to the scene where they found the three alarm fire burning in Town Center.

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Abbreviations for Chemical Hazards

September 10th, 2015

Chemical-HazardsIn many commercial factories or warehouses, chemical hazards can be found because they are used often. When it comes to chemical hazards, it is important to understand the abbreviations and labels used to ensure they are handled and used properly. If the abbreviations are misread, the chemical hazard could be misused, which could lead to serious damage and even fatal consequences.

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Your Duct System and Smoke Detection

September 3rd, 2015

Smoke-Detection-Duct-SystemsLike any structure, most commercial buildings are designed to include a duct system to support the HVAC system of your building. Without a proper duct and HVAC system, hot and cold air would be unable to circulate through your building. Because of this air circulation, it is also recommended that smoke detection is installed within the duct system to help prevent smoke from traveling throughout your building through the system. However, it is important know where the smoke detection should be installed in order to function properly.

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