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Government & Military Facilities

Washington, DC is the seat of our national government and Fireline is proud to have a wide variety of government and military customers. While government and military facilities are unique, good commercial fire protection practices can be applied. However, there are differences.

Most government facilities are managed by GSA (General Services Administration) and they are the authority for fire protection installation and maintenance activities in their buildings. Fireline staff has worked with many GSA fire protection professionals and prime contractors. We have extensive knowledge of their requirements and qualifications. Other government facilities are operated by agencies with special security requirements. Fireline has worked at many of these secure facilities and has a team of qualified and experienced technicians available to meet these requirements.

Military facilities provide other unique challenges. Aircraft hangars, ships, hazardous storage facilities, and other military equipment have fire protection systems that must be installed and tested by companies with experience and professionalism. Fireline is uniquely qualified to perform these services. We have a long history of experience with special systems installed at military facilities. These include foam-water systems for hangars, Carbon Dioxide systems for ships and other specialized storage facilities, water mist and hybrid water mist for power generation and communications facilities and industrial dry chemical systems for fuel storage areas.

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Equipment and Systems Solutions for Government and Military Facilities

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