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Special Hazards Suppression Systems

Gaseous agent suppression systems can be provided to protect your high value electronic equipment and facilities where the prevention of business interruption is paramount. These “clean agents” are especially useful to protect banks, telecommunications facilities, computer equipment, control rooms, museums and historical archives. Many of these products provide a “clean and green” alternative to other extinguishing agents.

  • 3M™ Novec™ 1230 fire protection fluid suppresses fire primarily by physical mechanisms with minimal effect on available oxygen allowing people to still see and breathe, permitting them to leave the area safely. 3M™ Novec™ 1230 is an environmentally friendly replacement of halon and has been very successful as a fire suppression agent.
  • FM-200 is an environmentally-friendly, rapid extinguishing agent which offers versatile clean agent suppression capabilities available for facilities that cannot afford fire-related business interruptions.
  • Inergen systems protect enclosed areas where there is a need for quick reaction to a fire, where people may be present, where fire may strike day or night, and where damage from conventional agents cannot be tolerated.
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO²) systems reduce the oxygen content of the atmosphere to a point where combustion becomes impossible. CO² systems are available in three (3) configurations: total flooding (for unoccupied areas), local application or hand-hose line and are available in both high and low pressure configurations.
  • Dry Chemical Systems – While not a clean agent, fixed pipe dry chemical systems have a multitude of industrial applications. These include paint spray booths, public transit vehicles, construction and logging machinery, industrial manufacturing processes and powder coating machinery.
  • Foams – Foams provide the most effective means to extinguish and secure flammable liquid fires. A special sprinkler system that is pipe-connected to a source of foam concentrate and to a water supply. Loading racks, tank farms, aircraft hangars and flammable liquid processing plants are protected with foam systems furnished and maintained by Fireline.

Fireline has been providing these systems for over 30 years and is known as the region’s leader in special hazards and clean agent suppression technology.

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