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Fireline Corporation has long been the contractor of choice for many public and private schools, colleges, and universities. We understand the unique nature of educational facilities and the history behind the tragic Our Lady of Angels school fire. We take fire protection in schools, colleges, and universities very seriously.

First and foremost is the need for an effective fire prevention plan. Fire protection systems are important but preventing fires from starting is even more so. While arson is the main cause of fires in schools, others include poor housekeeping, improper handling of flammable and combustible liquids, and poor electrical maintenance practices.

Exit doors must never be chained or locked closed. Lighted exit signs must be located at or near all exit doors. Emergency lights, with battery backup, must be located so that proper illumination can be provided in the event of a power failure. Stairways must be kept clear and free of obstructions. Fire doors must be kept closed and equipped with an automatic self-closing mechanism.

Fire protection systems in educational facilities must be designed and installed in a competent, professional manner. Fires must be detected quickly so that students, faculty, and staff have adequate time to exit the building. Automatic sprinkler systems are a must for educational facilities as are automatic fire alarm systems. Portable fire extinguishers must be installed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. Hands on fire extinguisher training for faculty and staff is a great fire prevention tool.

With many schools and universities having large sprawling campuses, the communication of threats such as fire, floods, or even active shooters is an important and complicated part of campus safety and emergency plans. The federal government’s emergency preparedness website states, “Institutions are encouraged to regularly review, update and exercise their emergency plans.” The best solution for these institutions is to install a Mass Notification System (also known as an Emergency Communication System). These systems serve as both a fire alarm voice evacuation system as well as a communication tool for other threats that need to be communicated to large groups through various means. These include indoor voice speakers, giant outdoor voice systems, distributed recipient mass notification (text or social media messaging) and LED signage. These are managed by facility and campus safety personnel with authorized access to the system. By using these various methods for communications, students, staff and other visitors to the campus are ensured the highest level of emergency notification.

Regular, scheduled inspection and testing of all fire protection systems and fire extinguishers is vital and required by law. Fireline can assist you with installation, inspection and testing for all fire protection systems and features.

Solutions for School & Universities

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