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3 Reasons To Invest In LED Emergency Lights


Make sure you understand the importance of emergency lights in your office!

The type of lights that your commercial business uses for all your emergency lights is a critical component of fire safety. Most often, business uses the standard incandescent or fluorescent lights that have been used for years. These days, however, LED (light emitting diode) lights are available and their benefits are astounding.

Cost Effective

LED lights are some of the most cost saving lights on the market right now. The question most business owners want to know is how much money LED lights will actually save. The answer: it depends on a number of factors. There are a variety of factors that contribute to the cost saving that comes with LED lights. Typically, this number depends on your building as well as the amount of LED lights within your facility. Usually, a qualified LED light bulb has a general operating cost of one dollar per year. To highlight this point, a typical fluorescent bulb has an average cost of about one dollar and fifty cents per year. And when it comes to emergency signs which must be illuminated all the time, it’s essential that your business attempt to cut costs where possible. Switching to LED light bulbs might help your businesses wallet.

Extremely Efficient

A giant reason that LED light bulbs are so affordable is because of their efficiency. Since LED lights run on a lower temperature than regular incandescent lights, they easily generate more energy as light.

Tremendous Lifespan

LED lights are typically known for their longevity. Because they rely on energy as opposed to a burning filament, they can last a very long time. When compared with incandescent lights, LEDs are found to last up to 50,000 hours longer. Although annual maintenance and inspection on LED emergency lights is still required, business owners don’t have to replace them as often as regular incandescent lights.

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