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3 Tips For Keeping Your Fire Protection Systems In Service

Check out these three tips for keeping your fire protection systems in service.

Check out these three tips for keeping your fire protection systems in service.

It’s crucial to know how to keep your commercial building’s fire protection systems in service to keep your business and its occupants safe. Your fire protection system will work every day to ensure your building is safe from a fire or emergency, but only when it is maintained and kept in proper working order. Continue reading for a few tips on how to keep your fire protection systems in service to ensure your business is always protected.

Do Not Alter Fire Protection Equipment

In order to keep your fire protection equipment in working order, it’s crucial not to allow any alterations. If your building is going through a remodel, make sure your fire sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, or other fire safety systems do not get painted. Paint can be detrimental to the functionality of your fire safety systems, and can result in the systems not working when they are needed.

Maintain Building Heat

The temperature of your building plays an essential role in keeping your fire systems in service, particularly the wet sprinkler systems. Maintaining adequate heat in the summer isn’t difficult, as the building temperature should be at least above 40 degrees, but it gets a little more challenging in the winter. It’s crucial to ensure all auxiliary drains are drained during periods of freezing temperatures in the winter months for all dry type fire sprinkler systems installed in unheated areas. If this step isn’t completed, it may result in expensive water damage for your building.

Routine Inspections

The most important step in keeping your commercial building safe is to routinely inspect, test, and maintain your fire protection systems. While this is the most crucial step, it is unfortunately neglected as many property owners don’t put it at the top of their priority list. However, a fire protection system is only useful when it is proper working order, so if you let it go too long without maintenance, you are essentially leaving your building unprotected.

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