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The Advantages of Using Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

The Advantages of Using Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

In these cases, it is better to rely on water mist fire suppression systems. Here is more information about them.

Putting out a fire can be a dangerous business. In some cases, putting out the fire can cause damage itself.  Sprinkler systems are efficient at fire suppression but often release large quantities of water. Some areas and facilities have equipment that cannot risk the residual water damage such as computer rooms, surgical rooms in hospitals, and historic and heritage areas.  In these cases, it is better to rely on water mist fire suppression systems. Here is more information about them. 

A Better Look at Water Mist

The presence of a fire activates the water mist system. A special nozzle forms the water into tiny droplets instead of allowing the water to come out in a forceful stream that can damage the furnishings or items inside the room where the fire is located. The mist can then contain the spread of the fire or slow it down enough that it extinguishes on its own. The water droplets help to cool down the flames, which encourages them to go out. Plus, the oxygen available is minimized, and finally, the droplets evaporate as they make contact with the fire which also aids in heat absorption and can help prevent secondary combustion caused by how hot the fire is. Water mist systems release up to 90% less water than traditional sprinkler systems, essentially cooling the fire to suppress it.

The Benefits

Water mist suppression systems have many benefits. There is less water damage incurred, and many different fires can be extinguished this way. Typically, they activate much more quickly than other fire protection measures. Since there are no toxic fumes released, this system is suitable for keeping people safe. Even with lower water consumption, it is still highly effective, and best of all is good for the environment. 

Ways to Use Them

Water mist fire suppression systems are also incredibly versatile. With these systems in place, you will not have to depend on conventional fire sprinklers or CO2 based systems that could cause damage to equipment or valuable materials. Compared to total-flood CO2 systems, they are more environmentally friendly, and the chances of destroying expensive equipment or valuable assets are much smaller.  

Scheduling Installation

When you are ready to schedule the installation of these systems, it’s time to speak to your trusted fire protection partner. After the initial setup, ongoing inspections, and maintenance for the years to come will ensure that you will always be ready whenever a fire breaks out in your facility.

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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