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Air Sampling Smoke Detection Systems

Fireline Air Sampling Smoke Detection Systems

Air sampling smoke detection systems are second-to-none in very early smoke detection.

Air sampling smoke detection systems, also commonly called air sampling smoke detectors or ASSDs, are just one of the various systems that are used to detect smoke to activate a fire alarm system. Air sampling smoke detection systems are one of the best options for early warning smoke detection. Fireline offers a product, VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus), which is the gold standard in early warning smoke detection.

How Do Air Sampling Smoke Detectors Work?

VESDA systems are made up of three core components:

  • Detector (fan and detection chamber)
  • Air sampling pipe
  • Sampling ports

The fan in an air sampling smoke detector pulls air into the unit through the sampling ports, where it travels through the air sampling pipe until it reaches the detection chamber. Inside the detection chamber, the air is evaluated for smoke particles and an alert is sent if any are detected. What makes these systems remarkable is how few smoke particles must be in the air for it to detect and alert to the presence of smoke. It’s also important to note that these systems are constantly sampling the air, so there’s almost no delay in smoke becoming present and then being detected by the system.

What Applications Are They Recommended For?

There are many applications that benefit from utilizing VESDA systems.

Museums, Art Galleries, & Historic Facilities

These industries benefit from VESDA systems for a couple of important reasons. First, they protect priceless items and artifacts. Since VESDA systems can alert to the presence of smoke long before humans can detect it, it will allow ample time to locate the source of the smoke and mitigate the problem before it becomes a large fire. Another reason VESDA systems are a good fit for museums and cultural facilities is that they don’t detract from historic or period architecture as the sampling ports are very unobtrusive and difficult to see.  

Sports Arenas & Auditoriums

For facilities that are large and have a lot of open space, VESDA systems are a good option because they will be able to monitor the facility with fewer units than most other smoke detection system options. This makes VESDA a more cost-effective approach to smoke detection.

Data Centers & Server Farms

Data centers are home to incredibly expensive technology that consumes substantial amounts of electricity. Due to the mission critical nature of their operations, fires in a data center can do a catastrophic amount of damage in a very short period of time, interrupting important business functions. Having a VESDA system in place offers the time needed to locate a fire quickly and efficiently. 

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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