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Why Are Backup Fire Sprinklers So Important?


Why Are Backup Fire Sprinklers So Important?

Fire sprinkler systems are an invaluable method of stopping a fire. Here are some other reasons spare fire sprinklers are so important.

Fire sprinklers systems are an invaluable method of stopping a fire. Even a small fire can quickly grow into a larger one when it isn’t immediately controlled or contained.  Your fire sprinkler systems need to be properly equipped and maintained to ensure they do not fail at a critical moment.

In Case of Emergency

Fires are not to be taken lightly. Although a quick enough response with fire extinguishers can stop a fire, sometimes that’s not enough. What happens if fires break out in a room that is currently unoccupied or if something happens after business hours when everyone has gone home? Sprinkler systems are set to operate without human intervention.  Your fire sprinkler heads are equipped with heat bulbs that will shatter when they reach certain temperatures. This causes the sprinkler head to open, allowing the flow of water.

Once the fire is contained, the sprinkler heads will need to be replaced.  There are many different types of sprinkler heads, so it is important to keep spare sprinkler heads on site to replace those that have “popped”.  You should always have your fire protection service company replace the heads as it often requires draining down the system to make the repair. You will also need a sprinkler wrench on hand to help you replace anything that is broken or malfunctioning.

Spare sprinkler heads are important for routine maintenance as well.  If there is too much interference from smoke or dust, your fire sprinklers might not work as effectively as they did before.  Painted sprinkler heads can also cause a problem and will need to be replaced. Keeping spare heads on site ensures repairs can be done in a timely manner to get your system back to its best working order.

Complying with Regulations

The National Fire Protection Association has a special regulation overseeing fire sprinkler systems. Typically building owners need at least six spare sprinkler heads, but this depends on how many sprinkler heads you have on your property.

Buildings with 300-1,000 heads will need twelve spares and buildings with over 1,000 heads will need at least twenty-four spares. It is also important to keep the correct wrench in the same cabinet where you keep the spares. It is best to keep a list containing information about your active sprinklers, what they look like, how many spares are in the cabinet, and when they were acquired.  All of this can be managed and documented by your fire protection service provider.

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