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The Best Type Of Fire Extinguishers For Your Commercial Building

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Did you know that there are many different fire extinguishers to choose from for your commercial building?

While you are most likely aware that fire extinguishers are required for commercial buildings, did you know that there are many different fire extinguishers to choose from? Each type of extinguisher is created for a specific type of fire, and may only be suited for a few different situations. Fireline is here to help you find out what type of fire extinguisher is best for your commercial building to keep you and your building occupants safe.

ABC Dry Chemical

This type of extinguisher can be used on class A, B, and C fires. This extinguisher uses a special powder which helps put out fires started by common combustible solid objects, burning gases and liquids, and electrical fires, making it an excellent choice for an office environment. The discharge time varies from 8 to 25 seconds, and the maximum range is 5 to 20 feet. The negative of this type is that the dry chemical powder is corrosive and can make a mess, but should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Class K Wet Chemical

Wet Chemical extinguishers are mainly used for fighting cooking fires, making them a great option for your commercial building’s kitchen. The discharge time is 30 to 85 seconds, and the maximum range is 8 to 12 feet. While gas fires can’t be extinguished with the ABC type, Class K extinguishers get the job done and forms a foam blanket to prevent reigniting of the fire.

Water Mist

In buildings with sensitive equipment, such as a healthcare facility or hospital, pressurized water extinguishers are a very good option. Since hospital equipment is so expensive and valuable, using an ABC type is not a good idea, as the corrosive agent could damage important machinery. A water mist extinguisher will safely eliminate the fire without causing damage to the equipment.

Carbon Dioxide

C02 extinguishers remove oxygen and heat from a fire by the use of a cold discharge. This type works well in laboratories, but can’t be used on fires caused by metals. Also, these extinguishers can’t be used on Class B and C fires, and shouldn’t be used in an unventilated or small room. The discharge time approximately 8 to 30 seconds, with a maximum range of 3 to 8 feet.


Also called D-type, these extinguishers work well on class D fires, which are caused by metals including sodium, magnesium, or titanium. This type also works well in laboratories, as metals are often in use in a lab setting. The extinguishers use a sodium chloride agent to smother the fire, with a discharge time approximately 8 to 25 seconds, and a maximum range 3 to 6 feet.

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