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What To Do When Your Building’s Fire Alarm Keeps Making Noise

What To Do When Your Building's Fire Alarm Keeps Making Noise

There can be a lot of different reasons for your alarm going off unwarranted.

Fire alarms can make plenty of noise beyond their alarm sound. While these noises usually indicate that something needs attention, they can sometimes persist without any real reason. This can swiftly become a nuisance if you’re unable to figure out why it is your alarm will not stop making noise. There can be a lot of different reasons for your alarm going off unwarranted, which is why it’s wise to have the experts from Fireline to come to look at your entire fire alarm system to get a sense of the issue. Here are some common causes of non-alarm related noises and what you can do to fix them up.

My Fire Alarm Will Not Stop Going Off

If your alarm is continuously beeping or sounding without any fire or smoke being present, there’s a handful of possible reasons it is falsely on its alarm mode.

  • The sensing chamber might be dirty.
  • The alarm’s power source had been interrupted.
  • Humidity and some other environmental factors could be confusing the fire alarm.

You should always make sure that the alarm is false before addressing any of these issues. You should remove the alarm’s power source and then clean out the unit before restoring power.

My Fire Alarm is Beeping or Chirping

Alarm beeping or chirping is usually a result of power issues. Alarms are programmed to beep at a regular and consistent interval to indicate when their batteries are low, but if these noises seem to be more random, here’s a few reasons why that might be:

  • Check the Battery: Your battery slot might be loose or open, and the battery itself could be very low. Check that the battery pull-tab has been removed so that the device is receiving power properly. The battery could also be blocked by debris. Test the battery’s level by pushing reset, and if that doesn’t work, try out a new battery. 
  • Clean the Fire Alarm: Debris and dust can build up and cause your alarm to chirp over time. Clean the alarm cover and be sure the sensor chamber is clean. If you find that the room the alarm is in is a bit more dusty than usual, hire a fire protection contractor to install an ionization alarm so that the unit is entirely unaffected by the dust. 
  • Replace The Fire Alarm: If all of the above fails, it might be time to replace your fire alarm system entirely. Fortunately, there’s plenty of relatively and inexpensive ways to replace it. Fireline will find an alarm to fit your property and get you set up as quickly as possible. 

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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