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Most Common Mistakes People Make With Fire Extinguishers

Read about the most common mistakes people make with fire extinguishers.

Read about the most common mistakes people make with fire extinguishers.

While a fire extinguisher is an extremely important tool to fight fires, it can be very dangerous when in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use it properly. Everyone should know how to use a fire extinguisher in the case of an emergency, but unfortunately, not everyone is taught the basics of how to use fire safety equipment. Read about the most common mistakes people make with fire extinguishers and learn the correct practices to be prepared for an emergency situation.

Not Reading Instructions

Everyone should read the instructions on a fire extinguisher as a part of fire safety training, but even if you’ve never read them before a fire starts, take the time to read the directions on how to use the tool quickly. Not reading the instructions may result in dangerous misuses, and even a small familiarity of how to use the tool can save you in a fire event.

Rushing To Stop A Fire

In the event of a fire, many people rush to get the fire equipment without stopping to think about their own safety. A fire event causes panic and stress, but it is essential to do your best to remain calm and think about your actions. If the fire is too large to stop with a fire extinguisher and it is likely that you will be injured by trying to fight it, evacuate the building immediately and call 911.

Standing Too Close

The distance between the fire and a fire extinguisher is critical, but many people stand much too close to a fire when using the equipment. While standing too far away will not help to extinguish a fire, standing too close is very dangerous as you put yourself at risk of being burned. Also, using a fire extinguisher too close to a fire can actually spread the flames when shooting the pressurized agent. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) recommends standing about 8 feet away from a fire to properly extinguish it.

Leaving A Freshly Extinguished Fire

Once you have extinguished the fire, the last thing you should do is immediately turn around and leave the room. A fire can easily start again from a small spark, and it may not be completely put out when you think it is. Monitor the area and search the room for any signs that the fire is not entirely extinguished, then leave the area when you believe it is safe.

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