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Consider These 3 Questions To Assess The First Aid System In Your Business

first aid

Being prepared for an emergency with a first-aid kit is critical.

There are a variety of first aid requirements that every single business must follow. According to OSHA, every workplace must have first aid training materials available and detail the requirements of a first aid kit. However, most details regarding first aid are left up to business owners. Considering that every business is different, first aid kits will likely vary from business to business depending on the industry. As a result, there are a few questions that every business owner should consider when approaching a first aid kit for the office.

What Common Injuries Does Your Industry See?

Recognize what types of injuries are most commonly found within the industry that your business works in. For instance, what sort of accidents are typically common within the industry your business works in? Thinking hard about these situations can help shape the perfect first aid kit for your office.

How Close Is The Office To A Hospital Or Medical Facility?

In the event of an emergency, is there a hospital or medical center nearby? When it comes to severe injuries, being close to a hospital or medical facility can dictate what goes into your business’s first aid kit and what sort of features get left out. For instance, if your office is more secluded, you may need to consider placing extra materials in the first aid kit to provide for the lengthy commute to the hospital or medical facility.

How Many Employees Are You Responsible For?

When considering first aid kits, it’s important to think about the number of employees working for you. There should always be enough first aid kits to cover all employees in the event of a serious emergency situation. The more employees you have, the more first-aid kits there need to be.

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