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The Difference Between Standard And Quick Response Fire Sprinkler Heads

fire sprinkler heads

Commercial fire sprinkler heads come in a couple different styles.

Many people are unaware that there are different types of sprinkler heads to choose from. Different types of buildings require different types of sprinkler heads. Having the correct fire sprinkler head installed in a building can significantly impact a building’s fire protection plan. There are two basic fire sprinkler heads to choose from: quick response and standard response. The distinction amongst these two sprinkler heads really lies in the type of hazard that they serve to extinguish. Here, we take a closer look and the differences between quick response and standard response sprinkler heads so that you can equip your building with the proper sprinkler heads to ensure proper protection in a fire emergency situation.

Standard Response (SR) Fire Sprinkler Heads

Standard response fire sprinkler heads work by wetting and cooling areas surrounding a fire simultaneously to prevent the fire from spreading. Once the fire is able to consume all the fuel around it, the fire goes out. The approach really aims to suppress the fire’s source and slow the spread of any potential flames. Standard response fire sprinklers are individually activated. This means that they will only activate when the fire is directly under them. Because of their precision, standard response fire sprinkler heads are typically found in large commercial buildings such as warehouses and factories.

Quick Response (QR) Fire Sprinkler Heads

Most typically used for light hazard situations, quick response fire sprinkler heads work by discharging water high up on the ceiling. The water cools the ceiling which allows the fire to stay closer to the ground and avoids any rising. Since the fire isn’t capable of rising, occupants have more opportunities to evacuate the premises safely resulting in fewer casualties.. Quick response fire sprinkler heads are commonly used in highly populated buildings. Consider buildings such as schools, healthcare facilities, office buildings, and assisted living facilities.

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