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The Different Parts Of A Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

clean agent fire suppression system

Understanding how a clean agent fire suppression system works is important!

A clean agent fire suppression system is traditionally used in sensitive environments where a fire sprinkler system could create incredible damage from the water it would use to suppress or extinguish a sudden fire. Most of these hypersensitive conditions where you might find a clean agent fire suppression system are places like server rooms, museums, art galleries, and data centers. When a fire is detected, a clean agent fire suppression system is able to release or dump the clean agent into the hypersensitive area. The system is designed to just flood the entire protected area with the clean agent itself. The clean agent is able to suppress or extinguish a fire by either reducing the heat or reducing the oxygen present in a room.

What Are The Main Parts Of A Clean Agent Fire Suppression System?

Traditionally, a clean agent fire suppression system starts with the detection devices and ends with the nozzles where the clean agent is released. From the discovery of fire to the eventual release of the agent, numerous other devices play a massive role in ensuring that the clean agent fire suppression system runs smoothly and effortlessly. Here are three of the most common tools that help a commercial clean agent fire suppression system operate efficiently.

  • Smoke Detectors: If a fire begins within the protected area, the smoke detector will immediately detect that there is a fire and send an instantaneous signal to the control panel. The good thing is that smoke detectors are known to detect a fire before it has time to escalate and cause severe damage or harm.
  • Control Panel: The control panel, otherwise known as the brains of the system, can receive a signal from the detectors, which alerts it to simultaneously send a message to the various sound notification devices and activate the release device to suppress the fire immediately.
  • Notification Devices: Notification devices can alert individuals that the suppression system is about to be released and the clean agent release is imminent. They are used to warn people in and around the protected area that a clean agent release is about to occur.

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