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Dormitory Fire Safety: How Dorm Fire Alarms Save Lives

A dormitory is an area where students study, sleep and eat. Good dorm safety practices are important to the healthy well being of the student body. One of the biggest dangers of dorm life is a dorm fire.


Dorm fires and fire injuries often happen because students are careless in common areas such as the communal kitchen.

Students are notorious for misusing kitchen appliances/ cooking appliances, mishandling extension cords and electrical circuits.

Dorm fires result in fatal fires predominately when alcohol is involved.

Dormitory should feature the following fire systems:

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler System

  • Smoke Alarms for every dorm room that sound in unison.


  • What can students do to prepare for a dorm fire evacuation?

  • Students should be very familiar with the dorm evacuation plan and treat every fire practice drill like the real thing.

  • Students should learn two methods of escaping a dorm room if the initial evacuation plan cannot be achieved.

  • Campus authority should provide students a list of items they should have in their dorm to help them successfully evacuate dorms. For example, a flashlight would be a very valuable fire evacuation item if there were a power outage during a door fire.

  • Know what electrical appliances are allowed in dorm rooms.

Students should also watch an educational film on dorm fires. Why? Students seeing before their eyes how fast a dorm room can burn will help them grasp how dangerous a dorm fire can be to their life safety. This will also help them take fire drills, evacuation plans, smoke detectors and overall fire alarm systems seriously.

Keeping the danger of a dorm fire fresh in the minds of students should be a top priority for campus administrators to save lives.

Here at Fireline Corporation our dorm fire alarms are designed to prevent dormitory disruption by alerting students only during the case of emergency – no out of the blue dorm fire false alarms.

The last thing you want students to do during a fire alarm is to not get out of bed because students believe it’s another false alarm.

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