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Emergency Exit Lighting

Fireline Emergency Exit Lighting

Emergency exit lighting plays a critical role during a fire emergency to keep evacuees safe, calm, and orderly as they escape the building.

Emergency exit lighting isn’t just a good idea for fire safety, it provides vital assistance during emergency incidents and is necessary for commercial building code compliance. These lights assist in facility evacuation during emergency situations, keep evacuees calm and orderly, and help rescue workers do their jobs quickly and safely.

Code Compliance

Most commercial buildings are mandated to have emergency exit lighting. These laws are in place to keep commercial buildings safe during an emergency. They go beyond fire protection, marking a path of egress for everyone in the building. In addition, they can help first responders who may be unfamiliar with the building’s layout. 

A Beacon in the Dark

During a fire, emergency exit signs can be visible through a haze of smoke. They operate as a lighthouse in the fog so everyone evacuating can see the path out. Not only does this ensure that people get out safely, but it can also help to keep them calm. Building occupants may not be familiar with the building’s layout and will benefit from a clearly marked path to the nearest exit.

In the event of a power outage, emergency exit lights continue their operation. An electrical fire, for example, can interrupt power and cause smoke throughout the building. Emergency exit lights are the key to evacuating the building safely. They illuminate the building and are visible through the smoke, offering a clear path to follow to safety.

Emergency exit lighting in stairwells is vital. During an emergency, a dark stairwell can be a major risk to evacuees. Tripping and falling pose a significant risk to anyone attempting to exit the building. Emergency lighting will keep the stairwell lighted, making it a safer route for anyone trying to escape.

First Responders

Even first responders benefit from emergency exit lights. During an incident, they need to be able to get into the facility and navigate quickly and safely. Emergency exit lights illuminate a path that is easy to follow to help them move through the building quickly and efficiently. This can save precious seconds when lives are in danger.

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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