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Are Your Emergency Exit Lights Compliant?

Emergency exit lights

Are your emergency exit lights compliant?

When a fire occurs, panic and confusion soon follows. During this time of panic, many people look for a familiar sign to light their way to safety: the emergency “Exit” lights. These lights have become synonymous with safety and have helped millions of people find their way out of dangerous situations. These emergency Exit lights are important to have displayed clearly around your commercial facility and are required by law. So when was the last time you had your emergency exit lights check? Let’s take a look at the law as well as how to ensure they are compliant with them.

It’s the Law

According to NFPA Code 101, every occupied structure must have approved emergency Exit lights that are illuminated and visible from all directions. Not having these lights clearly posted around your property could result in a hefty fine as you put your employees and customers in danger. These Exit lights can be lit by incandescent bulbs and must be equipped with an emergency backup battery to ensure they are always lit in the event of an emergency or power outage.

Are Your Emergency Exit Lights Compliant?

Facility and business owners are required to inspect the emergency Exit lights monthly and to arrange for annual testing by a qualified firm like Fireline. During this monthly inspect, you or your representative must perform a 30-second functional test on the battery powered fixture. If the sign does not work, it must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible in order to ensure your emergency Exit lights are always working. During your yearly inspection, Fireline will do a 90-minute full function test. This test is done by disconnecting the AC power supply to each unit to ensure it still works. We will also check the battery and lens for possible corrosion, clean the unit and lens, adjust the beam so it is at the proper angle, check the charging system voltage, and check the voltage output. This inspection service will ensure your property is fully compliant with the laws and your employees and visitors are always safe.

With our emergency Exit light inspections will ensure your facility is a safe place to work. For more information on emergency Exit lights, call Fireline today!

Emergency Exit Lights with Fireline

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