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Emergency Preparedness: Protecting Your Pets – Part 2

Fireline Protecting Pets 2

It’s important to protect pets from fire, even when they’re outside of the home.

In the first post on how to protect your pets during a fire, we reviewed important safety tips to protect your pets in the event of a fire. This includes evacuation drills with your family before an emergency occurs. Taking steps to ensure that you are able to grab your pets quickly and exit should always be a part of these drills. In this post, we will look at preventative measures that can be taken and how to approach emergency preparedness for your pets. Pets are often considered family, so it only makes sense to ensure their safety in any circumstance.

Keep Wires Out of Reach

A common hazard with pets is electrical cords and wires. Some pets will be tempted to chew them, which could harm them directly or cause a bigger emergency. Keep these out of reach as much as possible. If there are cords and wires with chewing evidence, replace them and take extra steps to keep the new wires from being chewed. Prevention is the most crucial step in fire safety, so be mindful of these kinds of hazards and how to keep them out of the reach of your pets.

Mind any Potential Hazards

Animals are notorious for getting into trouble, often unintentionally. When you are not home, keeping them crated can greatly reduce this danger. If they have free run of the house, take some time to make sure any potentially hazardous objects are well out of reach. This can keep your pets from causing an accidental fire and give you peace of mind that they are safe even when you are not home.

Talk to Your Kennel

If you need to board your dog or cat, talk to kennel associates before you decide whether it is the right place for your beloved companion. Ask them important questions such as:

  • Does the fire alarm system alert the fire department automatically?
  • Is the building sprinklered?
  • What are the facility’s emergency evacuation procedures?
  • Are staff on-site overnight?

You can evaluate the safety of the facility depending on the answers you receive. If they do not seem confident or do not know the answers, it might be best to look elsewhere. A kennel should take the safety of your pet seriously and make sure their staff is trained to respond properly in any emergency.

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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