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Fire Prevention Tips: How To Prevent Fire Hazards Before Tragedy Strikes

There are so many fire hazards that can be prevented before tragedy strikes. The best way to protect yourself and others from fire hazards is to try to eliminate known hazards so that you can better protect yourself from unknown hazards. This can be accomplished by following fire prevention guidelines. Read now to learn invaluable tips on fire prevention.

Fire prevention tips can be learnt from presentations, distributing safety brochures, news articles and public safety announcements. These tips should always be displayed in well-visited areas so that a variety of media channels can help spread public awareness. Many fires are preventable accidents.

When fire safety surveys are made public on commercial and residential property, they can have an important effect on community fire prevention and pre-incident planning.

Fire safety surveys being legislated to citizens make living, working, studying, worshiping, and playing in safe environments a possibility.

When fire safety surveys are in place it helps people to enter structures, recognize hazards and resolve problems. Fire inspections should be conducted as well to help building occupants become more aware of potential hazards inside building structures. Here are just a few things you should know to help prevent fires:

What are Fire Hazards?

A fire hazard is anything that encourages a fire to start and increases the severity of a fire. You can avoid fire hazards by controlling their elements. There are fuel hazards such as flammable and combustible gases, flammable and combustible liquids, chemicals, dusts, and combustible metals. There are heat source hazards of chemical forms, electrical, mechanical and nuclear.

Common hazardous fire conditions can result from poor housekeeping and improper storage of hazardous items. Make sure that you always replace or repair heating, lighting, or power equipment fire hazards.

Hazards vary by different occupancies but all occupancies from commercial buildings and private residences contain fire hazards. Some target hazard facilities that should have pre-planning in place are lumberyards, oil storage facilities, large shopping centers and hospitals. Pre-planning helps reduce the great potential of life or property loss from fires.

Here are just a few valuable facts you should know about fire safety:

– Over 70% of all fires happen in residential areas and this is where the majority of civilian causalities happen. So home fire prevention is a top priority for fire safety. Improving life safety conditions and utilizing properly fire systems will reduce this likelihood.

-Fire Detectors and Alarm systems being in place in building structures can notify occupants to take necessary action such as calling the fire department or activating a sprinkler system.

– Smoke Detectors should be on every living level and in every sleeping room. Smoke detectors come in two basic types –Photoelectric and Ionization. Photoelectric uses photoelectric cells with a specific light source. They work using beam applications that use a beam of light on monitored areas. When smoke enters the cells, the light beam will refract in all directions activating the detector. Ionization detectors work off particles produced by smoke allowing an electrical current to flow between negative and positive plates.

-Automatic Sprinkler Systems can be used to distribute water directly to the fire and are more than 96% effective in controlling or extinguishing fires. Sprinkler system configurations can come in wet pipe system, dry pipe system, pre-action system, deluge system and residential system. Read about them here.

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