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Fire Protection: Picking a Fire Pump

Fire Protection: Picking a Fire Pump

When water mains can’t provide adequate supply, fire pumps are then installed to meet system demands.

A Fire pump is an unsung heroes of fire protection systems. They supplement water supply and provide pressure to allow your sprinkler systems to work. When water mains can’t provide adequate supply, fire pumps are then installed to meet system demands. As a business owner, you should have a basic understanding of fire pumps. Read on to learn about a few of the most common types of fire pumps for your building.

Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump

The most common fire pump, the horizontal split case, requires a positive-suction external water source. It’s a favorite among fire protection professionals, as all of its parts are easily accessed for repairs or maintenance. They’re available in multiple different sizes to meet the needs of your system. Their long lifespans and ability to quickly move massive amounts of water make the horizontal split case a very reliable fire pump choice.

Vertical Split Case Fire Pump

Similar in a lot of ways to the horizontal split case, the vertical split case takes up quite a bit less space because it stands straight up and down. This fire pump also needs positive suction pressure from the water source but protects the motor from possible water damage caused by flooding due to its vertical build.

Vertical In-Line Fire Pump

Although the vertical in-line is quite similar to both the vertical split case and horizontal split case, it’s somewhat smaller than any other fire pump. This kind is for use in areas with a limited amount of space, so they’re as compact as possible. With in-line mounting, these pumps offer the advantage of not requiring a foundation for installation. However, when maintenance is needed, the unit has to be removed. They also need positive suction pressure from your water source.

Vertical Turbine

A vertical turbine fire pump doesn’t require positive suction pressure from a water source, which means that it can use sources such as tanks or wells. Water is merely transported to the very top of the pump. It doesn’t actually require suction to operate.

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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