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Fire Safety Facts: How To Create A Balanced Fire Protection Plan

During the cold seasons of fall and winter, it’s important to be on top of fire safety. You will be spending more time indoors and that increases the chances of fires occurring on your property.

Fireline is here to help you stay safe and prevent fire damage to your property with these a balanced fire protection plan.
A balanced fire protection plan is created when you are informed about the right fire facts.
Are very important fire fact all building occupants should know is how to extinguish fires at their early stages.
More than 93 percent of fire-related deaths happen after a fire has progressed past the early stages of extinguishing. By knowing what do during the early stages of a fire you do not only reduce the loss of life but you also minimize direct property damage (95 percent of direct property damage happens after the early stages of a fire).
To keep building occupants safe and prevent property damage, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has made it mandatory that all buildings and structures are designed, constructed and maintained to ensure building occupants have enough time to evacuate, relocate and defend against a fire.
The ideal balanced fire protection plan includes not relying on only one safeguard but multiple safeguards. Why? There’s always potential for human actions or system failure to create a variety of fire types.
Fire safety is nothing to take a risk on. North America is the world’s 3rd highest in the world for fire deaths a year. Hungary and Finland are the highest. Civilian fire deaths happen every 130 minutes in America.
Don’t become a fire victim. Make sure you have appropriate fire equipment and fire alarm systems today by hire Fireline.
Fireline can design, furnish and install all types of fire protection systems. Learn about our Fire Alarm Systems here.
We are a Maryland corporation founded in 1947 by John S. Waters. Fireline remains a pioneer in the fledgling fire equipment distribution business and we have grown to encompass all facets of fire protection. We can design, install, inspect, or service any type of fire protection system. From fire alarm to fire extinguisher, we do it all.
If you have any questions about fire equipment, or other Fireline products and services, contact Fireline by calling 410.247.1422 or click here today!Check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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