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Fire Safety Tips For Staying in a Hotel or Motel

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It’s always a good idea to practice fire safety whenever you are staying in a hotel or motel in order to protect yourself in case of an emergency.

The holiday season is a time when a lot of people are traveling to see their family and friends, and sometimes that means you might have to spend some time staying at a hotel or motel. Whenever you stay at one of these establishments, there are some tips to keep in mind to protect yourself in the event of a fire.

Why it’s Important

According to the NFPA, approximately 1 in every 14 hotels and motels in the U.S. report a structure fire every year. According to FEMA, this amounts to around 3,900 hotel and motel fires a year in the U.S. These fires cause, on average, 15 deaths and 150 injuries. It might seem like overkill to take fire safety seriously when you’re on a relaxing vacation, but it could protect you from harm and even save your life.

Preparation Steps

First thing is first—make sure any hotel or motel you stay at has smoke alarms and a fire sprinkler system. These are the first line of defense when it comes to keeping you safe during a fire.

Once you’ve gotten to your room, start by going over the fire escape plan. One of these should be located somewhere in the room. Once you’ve done that, head out of your room and find the route to your exit. If you’re staying at an establishment where the door to your room leads to an interior hallway, count the number of doors between your room and the exit. Keep your room key on you or within reach as much as possible—this includes sleeping with the card on the nightstand next to you so that you can grab it and leave the building quickly if the fire alarm sounds.

If the Alarm Sounds

If the fire alarm sounds, grab your room key and leave right away, closing the door behind you. If you need to get to a higher or lower level, take the stairs. Never take an elevator during a fire. If your path is blocked by smoke, get on your stomach and crawl underneath the smoke to continue your escape. Don’t try to power through the smoke, it will end badly.

If you become trapped in your room, there are a few things you need to do to keep yourself safe. First, shut off any fans or air conditioners. Next, wet some towels and push them up against the bottom of the door to your room—this will keep smoke from getting in and also prevent the towel from catching fire. Once you’ve turned off the appliances and blocked the door, call the local fire department to let them know you’re in the building, and where you’re located. Do not skip this step because someone has probably already called the fire department—they need to know whether people are trapped inside, and where those people are. By offering as much information as possible, you will make it much easier for firefighters to find you and get you to safety. To make this process even faster and easier for firefighters, wait at a window with a flashlight or a light piece of fabric, such as a white bedsheet. Signal professionals outside to help them find you and start rescue operations.

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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