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Fire Sprinkler Test Requirements That Every Business Should Know


Every business should have a properly working sprinkler system!

Most business owners may think that they are completely done with inspections after their annual and quarterly inspections have been conducted. However, business owners may actually need to conduct specific sprinkler tests on a routine basis. As a result, sprinkler heads are required to be tested even outside of the annual and quarterly testing time frames.

Consider The Age Of A Building

It is critical for business owners to take into account the age of the building their business is located in when it comes to fire safety. Sprinkler heads are typically installed during construction. As a result, older buildings may require a replacement of sprinkler heads to ensure fire safety. Most business owners won’t be able to discover any malfunction in their sprinkler system unless they regularly test their sprinklers to ensure that they are working properly.

Code Requirement For Sprinkler Testing

Along with the annual and quarterly testing, sprinkler system needs to abide by specific codes laid out under the NFPA. Sprinkler head requirements vary depending on the size and age of a business’s system. There are a few common types of sprinkler heads that are typically seen in most buildings.

  • Extra High: These types of sprinkler heads are usually the least commonly found out of the bunch and need to be tested every five years.
  • Quick Response: Probably the most popular and commonly found sprinkler head, quick response sprinkler heads do not require any additional testing for twenty years after the initial installation. And then every ten years after the initial test.
  • Standard: These types of sprinkler heads are required to be tested fifty years after installation. Afterward, they are required to be tested every ten years after the initial test.
  • Dry Pendent: Also, a type of sprinkler head that needs to be tested every ten years.

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