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Safety Tips for Your Fourth of July Weekend


fourth of july safety tips

Did you know sparklers burn more than 1,200 degrees? Make sure to supervise your children when they are holding them.

With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, we would like to take this opportunity to review some fireworks and barbeque safety tips for homeowners. So whether you are heading to your local park for a family cookout or hosting your own, make sure you read these tips so you are prepared to have a safe Fourth of July.

Fireworks Safety Tips

Did you know that even legal, household fireworks can prove to be dangerous? A sparkler can burn up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. On the same scale, glass melts at 900 degrees while wood burns at 575 degrees. This means your child is holding a firework that burns hotter than glass melts or wood burns. Sparkler burns account for more than a quarter of emergency room firework injury visits. It is important not to give your children sparklers without supervision. Fireworks cause approximately 18,500 fires per year. Never place any part of your body over a firework device that is ignited. After lighting, back away to a safe distance. Never point fireworks at another person and make sure to keep a bucket of water or fire extinguisher close by in case of fire. For the ultimate and safe experience, check your area for professional firework displays and enjoy the view without the danger.

Grilling Safety Tips

Throughout the summer and the Fourth of July weekend, it is important to keep some of these grilling safety tips in mind. Before setting up your barbeque, keep your grill at least 10 feet away from your house, including things that are attached to your homes like porches and garages. Clean your grill regularly to keep grease and oil from fueling an out of control fire. Keep a spray bottle of water close at hand to control flare-ups and keep a fire extinguisher near your grill for out of control fires. Make sure to never leave your grill unattended as the fires can quickly become out of control. If you need to attend to other party things, put someone else in charge of the grill.

By keeping these things in mind, your Fourth of July barbeque will go off without a hitch. For more information on fire safety, call Fireline today!

Have a Safe Fourth of July Weekend with Fireline

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