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Helpful Fall Fire Safety Tips

Helpful Fall Fire Safety Tips

Have you ever really considered the number of fire safety risks that arise during the fall?

As the air gets chillier and the leaves turn from green to orange, you begin to prepare for the cold months ahead. You’re excited to see the trick-or-treaters on Halloween and have a nice turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. But have you considered the number of fire safety risks that arise during the fall? Here are a few crucial helpful fire safety tips to keep you and your family enjoying the fall season.

Change Smoke Detector Batteries and Test Your Alarms

Once Daylights Savings Time hits, it’s generally a good time to change your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries. This is an extra precaution to take to make sure your alarms don’t fail when you turn on the heat in your home. You can’t forget to test the smoke alarms after you change their batteries. Just for good measure, check up on all fire extinguishers (if you have any) when you adjust your clocks.

Halloween and Thanksgiving Safety

Are you excited to decorate your home and whip up some scary costumes for Halloween? Maybe even have the family over for a nice home-cooked meal on Thanksgiving? Remember that fire safety should always come first, even on these wonderful holidays. Keep any decorations away from flames or other heat sources, and be sure to use battery-operated lights instead of fire-lit candles in your jack-o-lanterns. On Thanksgiving Day, be careful using the oven when cooking. Double-check up on all your alarms just in case your turkey burns.

Fire Risks from The Great Outdoors

We all know the leaves begin to fall during fall (pun intended). However, they too, can be a fire safety hazard. As leaves and other kinds of flammable debris build up around your home, get into a routine of removing them periodically. Trim your trees and rake up any leaves or twigs to ensure this. Don’t store any fuel in your house or garage, and keep your roof and gutters clear of any debris as well – just to be sure.

Double Check Your Heating Devices Before Cranking Up the Heat

Be sure to have your HVAC system inspected, cleaned, and serviced by a certified professional. If you happen to use space heaters, make sure there’s at least three feet of space around them. Don’t place any fabrics on them, and turn them off when you go to sleep at night. Lastly, be sure to hire a professional to clean and inspect your fireplace. Keep anything flammable a couple of feet away as well. You’re going to want to make sure your fireplace is in good shape for the cold winter months.

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

Whether you need smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or an automatic sprinkler system installed at your commercial property, Fireline has you covered. We have been protecting people and property from fire damage since 1947—and our experience shows in our excellent work! We are known for our superb customer service, our expertise, and our reliability. For more information on how we can help your residential or commercial property, visit us online or give us a call at (800) 553-3405. We are located in Baltimore, MD, with a second office in Leesburg, VA. For more fire safety tips, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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