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How a Thunderstorms Can Affect Your Fire Alarm System

How a Thunderstorms Can Affect Your Fire Alarm System

Did you know that thunderstorms can affect the operability of your fire alarm system?

Your fire alarm system can be impacted by thunderstorms when lightning strikes lead to power surges or outages. In summer, thunderstorms can be frequent. These seasonal storms can pack a punch and occur suddenly. Did you know that lightning can affect the operability of your fire alarm system? Read on to learn what can happen and what it is you can do about it!

Power Surges from Lightning

Power surges can enter a building through various pathways, one of which is your building’s alarm system.  A direct hit is not necessary to experience the damaging effects of lightning. If something around your building conducts electricity, like the wiring on your fire alarm system, it could easily become a pathway for a potential power surge. So, what can you do to avoid the detrimental effects of a power surge? Have a fire alarm professional install surge protectors on your alarm system. Surge protectors can be installed on the primary fire alarm panel circuits and circuits from the panel to the fire alarm initiating devices, such as pull station and smoke detectors, or horn/strobe notification appliances.

Power Outages

Do you know if your building’s fire alarm system has an adequate backup power source that automatically works in the event of a power outage? Most fire alarm control panels rely on batteries to keep them working when the power goes out. In fact, it is required by code. Fire alarm control panels must be equipped with fully charged and functional batteries that can provide standby power for at least 24 hours. The question of whether the system will still work in case of a power outage can only be answered if you know the fire alarm system has been properly maintained.

Fire alarm systems rely on secondary sources of power to ensure the operation of the fire alarm system during the event of a power loss. This is typically backup batteries or an emergency generator. If the secondary source of power is not working, you will be left with a fully inoperable fire alarm system. The only way to ensure if your system’s secondary power source will work is to keep up with your required inspections. Fireline can help with this, so give us a call today!

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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