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How Fire Safety Systems Improve Building Environment Sustainability

Fire safety is so essential to environment, building, and life sustainability. Fire safety saves lives, protects property and minimizes business losses. In today’s society, Property risk managers are searching for funds and methods to improve corporate image, reduce operating costs while keeping risk improvement and loss mitigation affordable and effective.

This objective is complicated to achieve because building certification processes like the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) developed by the U.S Green Building Council (USGBC) make it challenging for companies to get credit for green certification because its difficult to connect some fire safety items with sustainability initiatives.

For example, LEED makes it challenging for fire safety measures, such as automatic fire sprinkler protection systems and materials certified for limited flammability, to receive green certifications. Although these measures can prevent total loss of resources invested in building construction.

Fire safety systems are important to building design and construction because the systems allow a building to be more likely to withstand potential fire, earthquake and hurricane catastrophes. Green constructions without fire safety systems nullify the benefits gained from being green constructions.

Green building research and development has been so focused on reducing the impact on the environment with green regulations and rating systems, that fire and natural hazards on sustainability have been removed from high priority. When lack of consideration for fire safety is present in a building facility, this is dangerous to both building occupants and building structures.

Although energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, and improved indoor environmental quality are all valuable, fire safety should never be jeopardized.

Some green materials insulation may save energy but could increase the likelihood of flammability traits and result in tragedy based on carbon emissions risk factors.

Fire Safety systems, such as fire sprinklers, can reduce the risk factor contribution to lifecycle emissions and offer environmental benefits by reducing air and water pollution levels, lowering water usage and lowering fire damage.

Your building can Go Green but never forget to keep fire safety as a top priority.

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Source: Fire Safety: An Integral Part of Sustainability

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