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How To Design Proper Building Security And Fire Protection Systems

It is crucial to not forget to make fire protection systems a priority in Building Security.

Building Security and fire protection systems share common goals to protect life and property through building design. However, when building security becomes first priority it has contributed to deadly building fires that could have been prevented with appropriate Fire Suppression systems.

For example, a locked door to an exit stairway could contribute to major fatalities if the security system is not balanced with fire protection.


To prevent loss of life and property damage, facility managers must understand building and fire code requirements of a building security system.


For example, omitting the installation of padlocks on exit doors from a building security system is a crucial fundamental rule of life safety.


The ideal building security system protects life and property from fire hazards while it secures your building. Facility managers should coordinate with fire protection engineers to design a security and life safety system that does not hinder the common goal to protect life and property.


Here’s how facility managers can ensure fire protection systems work alongside with Building Security Plans:


Have the fire protection systems inspected, tested, and maintained. This is crucial to ensure life safety systems respond appropriately to a building fire.


Active and Passive Fire Protection Systems should be in place. Active fire protection makes a direct response to tackling a fire such as fire sprinkler systems, special hazard fire protection systems; smoke management systems, explosion protection systems and fire alarms. The Passive Fire Protection Systems don’t need any action to protect life and property from smoke or fire. Examples of passive fire protection systems are structural fire protection, fire-rated walls, fire doors and windows and firestopping materials.


It is important that each fire protection system has its own set of inspection, testing and maintenance requirements completed to establish a critical comprehensive program.


All fire protection programs should include proper procedures, procedure intervals, and a management team that performs the procedures and documentation.


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