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How To Treat And Prevent MIC In Your Commercial Fire Sprinkler System

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Maintaining your sprinkler system will keep your commercial business safe!

Most people are unaware of the dangers that organisms can have on sprinkler systems. In fact, MIC, standing for Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion has increased in recent years. Therefore, it is critical for business owners to have a firm grasp on any organism growth that may lead to substantial damage to your businesses sprinkler system.

Early Detection

The key to handling any MIC in your commercial fire sprinkler system is to be able to find it before it becomes a massive problem. In fact, early treatment for any damage from MIC should be quickly remedied in order to preserve the life of your current commercial fire sprinkler system. Therefore, doing all you can do to prevent MIC from entering your commercial fire sprinkler system is key.

Flush Piping Of Any Debris

One of the first things you can do if you notice MIC in your sprinkler system is to eliminate any of the debris or corrosion that has already taken place. In fact, microorganisms survive on the debris that resides in your piping. Therefore, being able to eliminate the food source of these damaging microorganisms is one step towards eliminating MIC.

Test And Drain Systems Seldomly

Of course, you want to continually maintain that your sprinkler systems are working properly. However, too much testing and drainage can lead to negative results. In fact, the fresh water from drainage brings more debris that microorganisms can survive off of. Therefore, stick to the regulations when it comes to testing your fire sprinkler system and avoid draining your system too frequently.

Use Water Tests

Ideally, you want to maintain an eye on your pipes. For instance, if you notice any leaks or other problems you can treat the problem quickly and efficiently.

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