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Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems

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Maintain your fire alarms for optimal safety.

Fire alarm systems are used to save lives every day. But they require regular inspection, testing and maintenance. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and other code making organizations require annual inspection and testing as a way to ensure these systems will operate as intended to notify building occupants of fire or other emergency. Fire alarm systems operational reliability is only as good as the maintenance program used for inspection and testing. This is why regular inspections are essential.

NFPA Standard 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, is the governing document for inspection, testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems. Chapter 14 provides a detailed guide as to the specific testing methods and frequencies for all components of a fire alarm system. This standard has been adopted by just about every state and local regulatory authority as law. This means that you must follow the inspection and testing requirements of NFPA Standard 72 or risk being in violation of local fire codes.

Not just anyone can inspect and test a fire alarm system. NFPA Standard 72 also defines the qualifications of those persons who inspect, test and maintain fire alarm systems. In order to perform these activities, the individual must be qualified. NFPA 72 strictly defines the means of personnel qualification as either:

  • Trained and certified by the system manufacturer, or;
  • Certified by a nationally recognized organization, or;
  • Affiliated with an organization that is registered, licensed or certified by a state or local authority, or;
  • Employed and qualified by an organization listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory

Generally speaking, building maintenance personnel not meeting one of the qualifications outlined above may not inspect, test and maintain a fire alarm system. However, it’s always best to consult your local fire marshal or other code official for guidance on who can and cannot legally perform these activities.

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