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How To Keep Your Fire Extinguisher In Perfect Working Condition

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Having a fire extinguisher in your building is not enough to ensure safety, as the extinguisher must be properly maintained to be kept in perfect working condition.

Fire extinguishers are an extremely beneficial tool, and every home, office, school, hospital – and virtually any area with living beings present – should have a working extinguisher. However, just having an extinguisher is not enough to ensure the safety of the building and those inside. A fire extinguisher must be properly maintained over time, or else it will have no use in the event of a fire.

Required Maintenance

While fire extinguishers should be readily available, it’s important to note that in some circumstances, it’s not appropriate to use them. Fire extinguishers should only be used when a fire has just started, and only if it is believed that the fire can be controlled with the equipment.

After purchasing a fire extinguisher, some people think their work is done and simply leave it in a corner or stowed away. It’s crucial not to underestimate the importance of fire extinguisher maintenance, as it is the only thing that will ensure the device is working and ready to use at any moment. A properly functioning fire extinguisher is code required for all commercial facilities, and it is essential for all public institutions to go through annual testing on every extinguisher in the building. Testing and inspection must be done by experienced professionals, as they will examine the extinguisher for any damage, and will look for the right pressure that is essential for a properly working fire extinguisher.


While the frequency of the maintenance depends on the company it is manufactured by, extinguishers should be inspected at least once every year. Many fire extinguishers also have tags attached, which provide information of when it was last inspected to ensure it will always be kept up to date.

In addition to the annual inspection, extinguishers also require a six-year and a twelve-year inspection, or hydrostatic test. The six-year test includes emptying, refilling, and pressurizing the fire extinguisher. The hydrostatic test involves emptying the extinguisher and re-filling it with pressurized water, and the technician will identify if there are any leaks or corrosion issues. The extinguisher is dried, refilled, and pressurized, and you can feel comfortable knowing your fire extinguishers are properly maintained and in perfect working condition.

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