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Kitchen Fire Suppression Services in Rosslyn, VA

Kitchen Fire Suppression Services in Rosslyn, VA

Call Fireline for kitchen fire suppression services in Rosslyn, VA!

A kitchen fire is no joke; once it starts, there is no telling how fast it can spread and completely ruin your business, not to mention endanger people’s lives. Commercial kitchens are riskier when it comes to fires, naturally, so it is well worth protecting them and keeping them up to code. Thankfully, Fireline Corporation is here to help you with all the kitchen fire suppression services in Rosslyn, VA, that you need. If you have any questions or would like an estimate, please call us!

What Is a Kitchen Fire Suppression System?

A kitchen fire suppression system contains and extinguishes flames. Fire sprinkler systems put out fires where appropriate, but fire suppression systems put out fires that would otherwise spread if water touched them. You can find various types of fire suppression systems, such as gas, foam deluge, and pneumatic heat detection tubes, but wet chemical fire suppression systems are specifically for commercial kitchens. They most effectively put out fires caused by grease, oil, etc.

In the commercial kitchen, they usually sit above cooking stations with nozzles pointed down at the cooking area. They go off if a connected sensor detects heat or smoke. If it is above the range, it can also automatically turn off the range and turn on the exhaust fan. 

Fireline’s Kitchen Fire Suppression Services in Rosslyn, VA

Design & Installation

Fireline Corporation knows the ins and outs of kitchen fire suppression systems. Fireline specializes in their design and installation, so if you are replacing or installing new, you can rely on them to create a solution tailored to your commercial kitchen. Each design undergoes thorough review and certification before it can head to the installation phase. Their seasoned professionals can install it for you on schedule.


Maintenance is essential for making sure the system can work when you need it most. Professional inspections and tests give your fire suppression system the expert eye it needs to ensure that no problem goes undetected.


Does your current system need repairs? Fireline Corporation is on the job. If it is an emergency, then you can call us any hour and any day of the year.

Other Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection Services

Fireline Corporation provides practically any fire protection service you need to keep your commercial kitchen safe. Other fire protection services in Rosslyn, VA, we offer include:

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

Whether you need smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or an automatic sprinkler system installed at your commercial property, Fireline has you covered. We have been protecting people and property from fire damage since 1947—and our experience shows in our excellent work! We are known for our superb customer service, our expertise, and our reliability. For more information on how we can help your residential or commercial property, visit us online or give us a call at (800) 553-3405. We are located in Baltimore, MD, with a second office in Leesburg, VA. For more fire safety tips, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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