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Knowing The Difference Between Types Of Smoke Detectors

Read on to learn the difference between two main types of smoke detectors.

Read on to learn the difference between two main types of smoke detectors.

We all know how important smoke detectors are, but do you know which type of detector you have? There are two main types of smoke detectors, and they each detect smoke and fire differently. In addition to testing your smoke detectors and changing the batteries a few times a year, take the time to learn about your smoke detector by reading our blog.

Ionization Smoke Detector

An ionization smoke detector uses ions, or electrically charged particles, to help detect smoke in the air. This type of alarm is generally more responsive to a flaming fire, according to the NFPA. An example of a flaming fire would include a house fire that started when a candle ignites a curtain.

Photoelectric Smoke Detector

The other type of smoke detector is a photoelectric detector, which actually uses a light beam to detect smoke. While ionization detectors are more effective for flaming fires, photoelectric detectors are better for alerting people of smoldering sources. For instance, when a lit cigarette falls into a couch cushion, the smoldering fire could fill the home with dangerous gases before a fire even starts. While the ionization detector may not alert people in time, a photoelectric detector will detect the smoke.

Which Type Is Better For Your Home?

Both types of smoke detectors are designed to detect house fires, but as mentioned above, the different technology allows each type to offer earlier warnings, depending on the origin of the fire. However, there’s no way to know which type of fire you’ll need more protection against. For this reason, the NFPA suggests that homeowners stay as safe as possible by having both types of smoke detectors in the home.

If you are unaware which type of smoke detector you have in your home, now is the time to check. You can do so by taking the smoke alarm down and look at the back for either “Photoelectric” or “Ionization,” or a symbol with the letter “P” or “I” on the back. Once you figure out which type you own, purchase the other type and install one next to each unit. If possible, another great option is to replace your current smoke detectors with upgraded dual-sensor devices, which combine both ionization and photoelectric technologies in a single unit!

Fire Prevention and Protection Services from Fireline

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