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Oxygen Corrosion in Fire Sprinklers

Fireline Oxygen Corrosion

Oxygen corrosion is a bigger problem with fire sprinkler systems than many people realize, and it can have devastating consequences.

Oxygen corrosion in sprinkler systems isn’t widely known by building owners and property managers, who must properly maintain these systems in order to operate a safe facility. Unfortunately, many of them don’t find out about the issue until their system has been seriously compromised. The result can be extensive repairs in order to return the system back to a fully operational condition. Failure to address the issue can cause the system to malfunction in the event of a fire.

What causes it?

Corrosion in sprinkler systems can be caused by several factors, but the most common is oxygen corrosion. When oxygen is introduced into the system, it causes a reaction that begins to eat away at the piping. Some piping is lined and protected, but this does not mean it will never corrode. Over time, corrosion can occur, and it can cause serious problems.

What problems can it cause?

The most common result of oxygen corrosion is a leak. Unfortunately, in many cases, corrosion isn’t discovered until this happens, and by then, it indicates a serious problem. It can also cause obstruction, which can prevent the system from working during a fire. Obstructions are not always obvious, and you don’t want to find out about them when the sprinkler system fails to operate.

How do you avoid it?

The best way to avoid having to deal with oxygen corrosion in your fire sprinkler system is to have the code-required internal inspections performed by a professional. An internal inspection will uncover the signs of corrosion before they become a major problem. The sooner you locate it, the better. Once the pipe has been breached and caused a leak, extensive damage is already present, and portions of the piping will need to be replaced. An experienced inspector can also give your system a full check-up to determine whether it is in good working condition.

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