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Recharging Your Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Recharging Your Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Part of maintaining the fire extinguishers in your commercial building is making sure they have the correct amount of pressure.

Part of maintaining the fire extinguishers in your commercial building is making sure they have the correct amount of pressure. Correct pressure will be needed to activate and dispense enough contents to contain the fire. Regular inspections will ensure this is the case. It is best left to the professionals that you partner with, such as Fireline, to check fire extinguisher pressure and perform the regular testing needed to maintain fire extinguishers. Here is what you should know about when it is time to recharge your commercial fire extinguishers.

Constant Vigilance

When it comes to ensuring that your fire extinguishers are working correctly, exercising constant vigilance is essential. Every time a fire extinguisher is used for any reason, it needs to be recharged right away. A small amount of charge missing is all there needs to be for a leak to form, and the leak will drain the pressure away from the canister. Every fire extinguisher that is rechargeable needs to be kept fully charged at all times, even if only a partial charge is needed to stop a fire. Another way to determine when fire extinguishers need to be recharged is through regularly-scheduled inspections.


Inspections often reveal the need for a recharge. The fire extinguisher in question will be carefully handled by the technician and so that the extinguisher can be put back into service once it is ready. Aside from charging when extinguishers are low, most recharging sessions are required after six years (depending on the type of extinguisher the number of years may vary), and after twelve years from when the extinguisher was manufactured. This twelve-year test is called a hydrotest and involves emptying the cylinder, pressurizing in water and then drying and recharging. This ensures there is no corrosion or leaks in the cylinder.

Calling for Help

Average building owners and their employees can learn how to operate fire extinguishers, but recharging them and testing them is another matter entirely. That is why you need to contact your fire protection partner for some help when you need to recharge your fire extinguishers. Whether it is just one, or you want to make sure all of your extinguishers are ready to go, do not hesitate to reach out. Staying compliant with all the regulations set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is something every business should strive for, and if you are unsure if your company is, then it is past time to find out.

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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