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Reliable Fire Alarms: About Flame Detection Systems

Flame detection systems are optimal flame detection systems and important commercial fire alarm systems.

When the flame detection systems are combined with other automatic fire detection systems and an emergency response/ evacuation plan, the chances of your business suffering from devastating property damage and significant loss of life are drastically reduced.

The overall function of flame detection systems is to increase early warning times so building occupants have enough time to evacuate and emergency response personnel have enough time to prevent extensive property damage.

This is all possible because flame detection systems feature electronic sensors that detect flames. The flame detectors can accurately detect flames because they are line-of-sight devices. This means the flame detection systems look for infrared lights, visible lights and ultraviolet lights produced by flames at the time of combustion.

If the flame detection system detects any type of light that comes from a fire, it will activate its alarm system.

Where should flame detectors be installed in a commercial building?

Flame detectors should be installed in the following areas of a commercial business:

  • Warehouses where high ceilings and open space are present.

  • Any outdoor area where winds make it difficult for heat detectors/ smoke detectors to detect smoke.

  • Any location where petrochemical production, fuel storage, or paint cans is stored.

  • Any situation where heat detectors, smoke detectors and fire detectors cannot be installed.

For best fire safety measurements, do your best to install flame detectors in storage rooms and hallways. Once these areas catch on fire, it becomes harder to preserve property and prevent loss of life.

More importantly, have your flame detectors and other fire alarm systems regularly maintenance and tested, to maintain effective early warning time. Dust and dirt can negatively affect the sensing elements of smoke detectors, heat detectors, flame detectors and overall fire detectors.

Reliability of your flame detection systems is crucial to maintaining quality life safety and fire safety.

Any time there’s a chance that something that can burn and come in contact with a heat source, you need flame detection systems installed.

What is the advantage of flame detection systems?

The flame detectors are reliable even in the most hostile work environments – mines, fuel loading platforms, refineries, and aircraft maintenance facilities to name a few. It is important to note flame detectors must directly see a fire source to signal an alert.

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