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Replacing Fire Sprinklers: What to Do Next

Replacing Fire Sprinklers: What to Do Next

Not all fire sprinklers in commercial buildings rely on water-based systems, but some do. If something is defective, then that’s a sign there could be a critical failure.

The fire sprinkler system that is in your building right now is probably the same one that was there twenty or thirty years ago. One of the hallmarks of a high-quality fire sprinkler system is that they can last for decades, continuing to operate with only minimal service. However, the heads attached to the sprinklers need to be inspected and tested as well. If something has gone wrong and they need to be replaced, here’s a guide to what to do next.

For Loaded Sprinklers

Loaded fire sprinklers need to be maintained as often as possible. They are so-called because of all the dust, dirt, and grease that can become trapped in their sprinkler heads over time. Removing these pollutants can be difficult without interfering with the sprinkler head itself, which is why this task is best left to professional technicians. A cleaning solution shouldn’t be needed for cleaning off the sprinkler – if this is the case, then it is past time to replace the fire sprinklers in question.

For Painted Sprinklers

Painting the fire sprinklers in your building in a vain attempt to make them more attractive is a terrible decision. It’s well-intentioned, but misguided nevertheless. Likewise, it’s just as pointless to attempt to paint the cover plates attached to fire sprinklers. That’s because the sprinklers won’t work as intended if this happens.

For Corrosion and Other Problems

Not all fire sprinklers in commercial building rely on water-based systems, but some do. If something is defective, then that’s a sign there could be a critical failure. Corrosion can lead to holes in the pipes and water pumps due to water damage. Discolored water and the odor of sulfur – rotten eggs – are two massive indicators that rust is present.

In Case of Plunge Test Failure

The best way to know if your fire sprinklers need to be replaced is if they fail the plunge test. During the plunge test, the sprinklers are exposed to fire-like conditions in a controlled setting. If nothing happens in this simulated environment, then the chances are that during a real fire, the sprinklers won’t activate either.  

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