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Restaurant Hood Systems: Ensuring The Safety Of Your Commercial Kitchen

If you are a manager or owner of a restaurant, you have plenty on your plate to handle. You need to stock your kitchen inventory daily. You need to ensure all orders are delivered in a timely fashion but most importantly you need to ensure the safety of your employees working in the kitchen.

Your commercial restaurant kitchen is equipped with ranges, broilers, fryers and ovens. The high temperatures and cooking oils put your restaurant at risk of a blazing inferno.

A great way to ensure the safety of your employees is having a pre-engineered wet chemical restaurant hood suppression system installed.

Restaurant hoods keep your kitchen clean while providing your employees a safe working environment.

These exhaust hoods need to be maintained well to prevent serious fire hazards.

In a recent study by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), it was revealed that restaurants in the United States have incurred more than $229 million from property damaged caused by kitchen fires.

To ensure proper maintenance of your commercial hoods, make sure a qualified fire protection contractor designs, installs and maintains your restaurant hoods. Your commercial hoods should meet the NFPA’s standards.

Ensure your business, employees, and patrons are safe from fire hazards with Fireline’s pre-engineered restaurant hoods.

Our pre-engineered restaurant hoods have successfully suppressed restaurant cooking equipment, exhaust hood and duct fires.

Pre-engineered wet chemical systems have pre-determined flow rates and quantities of extinguishing agent, as well as the specific pipe sizes and number and types of nozzles prescribed by the manufacturer.

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