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Restaurant Ventilation Systems by Fireline

 When it comes to running a restaurant, there are many components that are involved. Owners need a proper dining area for guests to enjoy their meal, a welcoming lobby for guests to be greeted, and a well stocked and well equipped kitchen in order to prepare quality food for their guests. While proper appliances like stoves, ovens, and refrigerators are necessary to run a kitchen, they are not the most important pieces for a restaurant kitchen. In order to have a safe and functioning kitchen, a ventilation system must be in place. Without a proper ventilation system in your kitchen, your entire staff will be placed in a hazardous work environment, not to mention the lack of efficiency and performance from your appliances.

A ventilation system will allow air to circulate through your kitchen, remove smoke and exhaust from your kitchen, and prevent and stop fires in your kitchen. As you consider your ventilation systems for your restaurant kitchen, remember each component of the system.

  • Hood- There are two different types of kitchen hoods, depending on the type of appliance you are using in your kitchen. A heat exhaust hood allows smoke and fumes to be vented from the area. A grease hood allows the same thing, but incorporates slots to capture grease.

  • Exhaust Fan- An exhaust fan will allow proper ventilation throughout a commercial kitchen. Larger kitchens will require larger fans.

  • Make-up Air- As you allow air to circulate through your kitchen, you run the risk of pulling air from other service areas of your restaurant. Make-up air prevents this issue from occurring.

  • Fire Suppression System- If a fire should break out over a stove top, a fire suppression system will destroy the fire while also preventing the fire from spreading. The system is typically connected to the hood over your stove and will be set off by the excessive heat put out by the fire.

At Fireline, we offer fire prevention services for restaurant kitchens. We offer hood suppression systems along with other fire suppression systems for your restaurant kitchen. We also specialize in fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems.

To find out more about the services Fireline can offer your restaurant kitchen, call us today at 800-553-3405. You can also request a proposal here.

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