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Some of the Most Common Myths about Fire Sprinkler Systems

Some of the Most Common Fire Sprinkler Myths

It is essential you know the facts and fiction about the effectiveness of fire sprinklers.

Although fire sprinkler systems have an excellent track record of helping save lives and protect property, there are still a few misconceptions about them. With a push for many more fire sprinkler systems to be installed in homes and many other properties, it is essential you know the facts and fiction about the effectiveness of fire sprinklers. Here’s some of the most common fire sprinkler myths that currently exist.

Myth: Fire Sprinkler Systems are Expensive and Unaffordable

Fire sprinkler systems can be quite affordable when installed in a residential construction. It’s estimated that the cost of a sprinkler system installation is around 1% of the actual total building cost. Also, insurance companies might provide discounts on insurance premiums for buildings that have sprinkler systems.

Myth: “Water Damage From Fire Sprinklers is Much Worse than Fire Damage”

Fire sprinkler systems can react quickly when a fire occurs which prevents the fire from spreading and causing even more damage. Many fire sprinkler systems release around 8 to 24 gallons of water per minute compared to the usual 50 to 125 gallons per minute released by a fire department’s fire hoses.

Myth: When a Fire Happens, all of the Sprinkler Heads Activate

The sprinkler heads witin a fire sprinkler system are all activated individually once a fire occurs. Most fires can be contained without all of the fire sprinkler headers being turned on. The sprinkler heads will then react to the conditions of the area or room they are in.

Myth: Smoke Detectors Provide Excellent Fire Protection

Smoke detectors are handy for alerting people of a fire and letting people exit a burning building very quickly. Smoke detectors won’t contain or extinguish a fire the same way a fire sprinkler system can. Sprinkler systems can react very quickly to a fire, which can help in saving and protecting lives and prevent extensive building damage.

Myth: Cigars or Candles can activate a Fire Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system won’t be activated by the presence of smoke inside the room. Sprinkler heads alarm and release water once the heat of the room reaches around 135 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Myth: Fire Sprinkler Systems will Mess Up the Aesthetic of my Home

A sprinkler system can be installed into a house without being intrusive. They can be designed to fit any décor or aesthetic.

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