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Sprinkler System Corrosion

Fireline Sprinkler System Corrosion

Sprinkler system corrosion can lead to a system failure in the event of a fire, so regular maintenance is critical.

A sprinkler system is the most important line of defense against fire in private and commercial properties. Sprinkler systems are automatic, allowing them to act quickly in the event of a fire. However, a system that has corrosion may not be capable of doing its job. Ensuring the operability of your fire sprinkler system is critical.

What is Corrosion?

Common corrosion, or rust, is the orange-brown damage on metal that has been exposed to water and oxygen for a prolonged period. Microbiological induced corrosion, also known as “MIC”, is corrosion affected by the presence or activity (or both) of microorganisms on the surface of the corroding material. Common corrosion can form both internally and externally. External corrosion can be spotted during routine maintenance checks on piping, but internal corrosion will escape detection until a professional is able to inspect the system.


The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) recommends having sprinkler systems internally inspected every 5 years. It is particularly important to have this done, especially with dry and preaction systems. These systems are at the highest risk of corrosion damage. It is estimated that over 70% of dry systems experience significant corrosion damage after only 12 years. Having these systems inspected can keep them in operable condition longer, minimizing damage through regular system flushes.

Damaged System Repair

Severe corrosion damage requires either a partial replacement of the pipes in the worst areas or a full system replacement. These are extensive and costly repairs that are necessary to ensure system operability in the event of a fire. For systems that have minor corrosion, a flush of the system may be sufficient. To keep from having to shoulder expensive repairs or suffer an inoperable system during a fire, it is critical to keep your fire sprinkler system maintained and inspected regularly.

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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