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How To Tell the Lifespan of Your Fire Extinguisher 

How To Tell the Lifespan of Your Fire Extinguisher 

You want to make sure your fire extinguisher is working correctly from the moment you purchase it until the moment you might have to use it.

We’ve all seen that bright red fire extinguisher sitting around somewhere. Whether it’s in your home’s kitchen, closet, garage, or your company’s office building. Once you own the fire extinguisher, you don’t think much of it. It will just sit there until the moment you need to use it. However, that fire extinguisher can end up saving your life and your home/business. So, you’re going to want to make sure it will be working correctly from the moment you purchase it until the moment you might have to use it. That’s why its best to make sure your fire extinguisher is up to date and fully functioning in the event of an emergency. Here are a few signs to look out for to gauge the lifespan of your fire extinguisher

Disposable Home Fire Extinguishers

Disposable home fire extinguishers found in stores typically have a shelf life of 12 years. These extinguishers have a plastic valve and an aluminum cylinder. Now you might be wondering, how am I able to check up on the shelf life? When you first buy an extinguisher, you should check the cylinder or nameplate for the manufacturer’s instructions and dates. This will help you figure out how long your fire extinguisher should last with proper care. If the fire extinguisher has a gauge, it should be checked up on every month because it must be charged for it to work.

Commercial Fire Extinguishers

If you own a commercial portable fire extinguisher, then it’s a bit different checking up on them. These extinguishers can last forever with the right maintenance. If you own one, you will want to have it internally inspected every six years, with every other inspection requiring it to be hydrostatically tested to see if its in ideal condition. This test exposes your extinguishers to higher pressures to see if the shell holds up. If the cylinder passes the test, then your extinguisher is suitable for several more years.  A commercial fire extinguisher should be inspected by a licensed fire protection professionally annually per NFPA, who will ensure that these other tests take place.


Typically, fire extinguishers have to be fixed or replaced for a couple of reasons. Each extinguisher has a seal around its handle that can break down or fall apart. If this occurs, the compressed air releases and lowers the pressure inside the extinguisher. As a result, the fire extinguisher can’t work and should be replaced. If your extinguisher’s hose is cracked or blocked, you also need a repair.

Fire Protection Services from Fireline

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