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The Benefits of Emergency Communications Systems

When an emergency happens on a campus or at a large facility, the majority of lives are saved because of a streamlined emergency communications system.

What are Emergency Communications Systems?

Emergency Communications Systems (ECS) were originally called Mass Notification Systems. Emergency Communications Systems are not only fire alarm systems but also used as high-level notification systems. ECS is designed to give real time information and warning to campuses and large facilities.


Emergency Communications Systems can alert the public of not only fire emergencies but also emergency circumstances such as terrorist attacks and weather emergencies.


What are the benefits of Emergency Communications Systems?


Emergency Communications Systems offer campuses and large facilities user-friendly emergency alerts through voice, text messages, emails and even desktop alerts. Having multiple platforms for alerts save lives because the public has the opportunity to receive instant emergency alerts.


The instant alerts and communication are highly effective for crisis management because the emergency notifications speed up emergency team response while maintaining reliability of the Emergency Communications Systems. The emergency notifications are very concise as the emergency messages can include emergency routes and images.


Having unified communication systems at campuses and large facilities will give you peace of mind that your emergency alerts have mass reach in real time. This will improve your campus security or enhance your facility high security measurements without violating regulatory compliance.


What is a good Emergency Communication System?


If you are not familiar with Emergency Communication Systems, ONYXWorks system is one of the best ECS on the market. The mass notification system offers live broadcast, minute by minute to all your buildings and facilities. Yes, ECS can function throughout your property even if you have facilities and buildings spread throughout a city, state or the world.  ONYXWorks is designed to prevent injuries, protect property and most importantly save lives.


Here at Fireline Corporation we have installed ONYXWorks system at UMB, Towson and GW University Hospital. We also offer a service called Building Reports, which offer large facilities detailed reports about the location of their fire protection equipment through barcoding, and scanning devices. Building Reports also identifies the functionality of the barcoding and scanning devices; Building Reports is ideal for facilities such as hospitals and airports.


Building Reports are one of the best mobile and online inspection tools for fire and life safety. It’s quick with data collection and you can have peace of mind that your fire and life safety tools are meeting code requirements and properly operating.


Learn more information about Building Reports . It’s perfect for keeping up with fire extinguishers throughout a large facility.


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