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The Benefits Of Green Fire Protection Systems

Going Green for your business strategy in Fire Protection can be tremendously beneficial to your business.

Green construction is growing in demand and it’s estimated by 2015 that half of all projects will incorporate green strategy into the fire protection market.

The Coalition for Responsible fire protection strongly believes there are legitimate environmental criteria that should be followed for selecting fire protection.

The green guidelines of fire protection are not about a product vs. another product.  The green guidelines are about applying good environmental business practices to fire protection.

It is very possible to have good fire protection while being an environmentally responsible business.

Green fire protection will not increase the out of pocket cost for fire protection and sound green practices.

In fact, green policies can help you improve your business’ bottom line. Green fire protection saves money, time and wins customers over while driving up the sales of your business.

The coalition is now working on “ The Guide to Green Contracting in Fire Protection”. The guide will be completed in 2014 and it will highlight the best practices that can be applied to fire protection systems.

Green fire protection systems help small businesses demonstrate green commitment through green purchases.

Public education will be crucial with accomplishing the mission of the coalition. Annual conference discussing environmental responsibility in fire protection will be the focus. The conference will feature keynote speakers and workshop sessions to help companies decide whether environmental responsibility in fire protection is a good business strategy for them. For information on the coalition and the conference visit

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